Hello there! I’m Lorraine, and like all foodies, I love eating (especially matcha foods), talking about food, watching food videos, shopping for groceries, taking photos of food, fantasizing about food… you name it! You might think that’s very basic, which may be true. But in fact, I can get a little crazy about it sometimes. Most of the time, I’m dreaming about what foods to cook next; which I often feel quite guilty about especially when I am sitting in lectures or listening to sermons (To be honest, I’m feeling that guilt right now because I should be studying for my upcoming final exams).

Oh right. I forgot to mention that I am a pharmacy student from Vancouver. You might wonder to yourself how I juggle between being a full time student while finding time to buy food, make food, take photos of food, and blog about it. Yeah, I constantly wonder about that too. But that’s what happens when you love food more than anyth- I mean , studying. You know, food pretty much beats everything, right?

I absolutely loooove making food and sharing them, so please feel free to comment on what foods you would like me to make! If there’s lots of love and requests for a certain food post, I will share my recipe for it as well. (So I need all of your support!) Besides food, I love Jesus, my family and friends, my dog, playing racquet and team-building sports, traveling, napping and of course, going on exciting adventures!

One of my goals in creating this is to raise awareness of poverty and health issues around the world. In the future, I hope I can use my skills to bless the poor through donations from the supporting community that try my creations. And of course, one of my dreams had always been to open up my own cafe or restaurant. Hopefully this can be my starting point for the near future. Thank you for all your support!