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Nabeel Qureshi’s GoFundMe


*ALL ITEMS SOLD OUT! Thank you all for your support!* 

*Only taking orders from Richmond, BC*


Please get your orders in by Friday, October 6, 2017 via Instagram direct messaging, contacting me personally, or via this Google Form.

Quantities for each item are limited – so order soon! When each item is sold out before the deadline, it will be announced on Instagram.

All products will be baked, packaged fresh and ready for pick-up on Thursday, October 12, 2017 in Richmond [location will be announced later].


 1ST BAKE SALE fresh on: Thursday, OCTOBER 12, 2017

2ND BAKE SALE: [by demand] TBA



– updated as of [5:11pm Monday, Oct 2, 2017] –


Matcha Cookies [$1.50/cookie] 

 Matcha Cheesecake [$5.50/slice] 

 Matcha Brownies [$3/bar] 

Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache and raspberries [$4/slice] 

Rice Krispies Square [$2/square] 


Don’t hesitate to contact me personally or via direct messaging on Instagram.
All proceeds will go towards Nabeel’s GoFundMe.
For more information, please scroll down to check out my letter.




Hi everyone!

As I’ve said before, the main purpose of creating this blog and letting people know about my baked goods is to raise donations for those who are in need. Since I launched the blog, I have not sold any of my goodies. However, I have recently been prompted to raise money for a person I hold dear to my heart.

His name is Nabeel. I do not know him personally, but I’ve gotten to know this amazing man through his best-selling book that I’ve read a few months ago. Never would I have thought that this book would be so relevant to me on so many levels and that after reading it, I’d be deeply challenged personally and spiritually. It has re-directed and re-shaped my thinking. Ultimately, God has richly blessed me through this man’s life and testimony. Not only has he blessed me, but he has also been a huge blessing to millions of people around the globe.

Now, sad to say, Nabeel, passed away this month on September 16, 2017, a year after battling advanced stomach cancer. This 33 year old man may not have lived a long life, but the life he walked was far more beautiful than those of countless people who lived to an old age. It was a life that was witnessed for God that changed the walk of many others in this world. And as many people might put it, “It’s the quality that matters, not the quantity.”

My way of celebrating Nabeels’ life and thanking God for what He has done through him to change my life and other people’s lives is to contribute to Nabeel’s GoFundMe campaign . I really would like to be a part of his fund in reaching the $1 million goal. A portion of that amount has already been used for Nabeel’s therapy before passing away. The remainder will be to support his wife and little daughter (as he mentioned). To make this happen, I am selling a variety of my baked goods. My personal goal was to raise $500 so I have donated $500 out of pocket in advance to support Nabeel’s GoFundMe campaign since donations for his fund has almost reached the $1 million mark.

If you would like to learn more about the story of Nabeel, please click here.

Thank you for reading! Truly appreciate all your support and generosity!




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